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Download - transmitters and transducers

TSensor - free configuration program for transmitters and transducers

TSensor - Configuration program for temperature-humidity-pressure transmitters with analog, serial or Ethernet outputs (Pxxxx, Txxxx, Hxxxx ranges). (2,4 MB, Ver. History of versions. You need also special SP003 communication cable for analog output transmitters , and USB port driver for this cable. Driver is automatically installed during program setup. No special communication cable and USB driver are required for transducers with serial RS232, RS485 or Ethernet outputs.

SensorReader - free program for data read and store from one sensor

SensorReader (1 MB) - Simple utility for monitoring and storing data from one serial or ethernet transducer (models Txxxx, Pxxxx, Hxxxx), ver. Program enables to alarm acoustically the PC user if adjusted alarm limits are exceeded. Recorded values in CSV format are easy to process in e.g. Excel. Program can be started several times on a computer at the same time to monitor values from several transmitters. Program can be run as service, see instructions in pdf.

CDB Sensor Monitor - low cost data acquisition program for sensors CDB Sensor Monitor
Program is available for download from database programs page.

Description of program CDB Sensor Monitor and DBV Database Viewer.

VideoDemonstration video

USB cable driver

USB communication cable driver for transmitters Txxx (Windows 2000 and higher) (driver is installed automatically when you install TSensor program on machine with Windows 2000 or higher so there is no need to download driver separately).

You can download it as:

installer (ZIP file) (2,4MB), (run this file and installation will be made automatically),

or as ZIP file (0,9MB). Unzip this file to harddisk folder and plug USB cable into computer's USB port. Windows try to find appropriate driver - enter where unzipped files are placed. Folder with files can be erased after installation and computer should be restarted.

MIB Tables

If you want to use SNMP protocol with LAN adapter, download MIB tables (137 kB).


Most Comet products are designed that the firmware can be updated by user.
This allows to make new improved firmware available during the lifetime of the product.
Latest firmware is free for download.

WebSensor t-line Serie Tx5xx

Current version of firmware for Tx5xx transmitters: Tx5xx-1_5_5_01.exe (780 kB).

WebSensor t-line Serie Tx6xx

Current version of firmware for Tx6xx transmitters: Tx6xx-1_5_5_01.exe (780 kB).

WebSensor p-lineSerie Px5xx

Current version of firmware for P85xx transmitters: P85xx-4_5_5_04.exe (730 kB).

WebSensor p-line Serie Px6xx

Current version of firmware for P86xx transmitters: P85xx-4_5_5_04.exe (730 kB).

WebSensor t-line Serie Hx5xx

Current version of firmware for Hx5xx transmitters: Hx5xx-1_5_2_04.zip (230 kB).


Make backup of the device settings before the update.

Network parameters are left without charges /IP address, subnet mask, gateway IP/.

It is not recommended update your device when IP address of device is assigned by DHCP server!
Before update switch your device to static IP address. Do not unplug power supply during update!
Power supply failure during update can damage your device permanently.
Do not install firmware versions into unsupported devices!
Uploading into unsupported device can damage them.

  • 1. Download firmware from website
  • 2. Run downloaded xx.exe file
  • 3. Confirm licence agreement
  • 4. Insert device IP address and follow instruction of software.
         Upgrade will take approximately 2-3 minutes.
  • 5. Check device settings on the web pages.
  • 6. After upgrade devices Px5xx or Px6xx is required to find ans reassign connected probes.
  • WWW pages templates

    If you are a Comet OEM and you want to create your own version of web pages in transmitter, please ask for necessary information to do that. (SDK available)

    Third-party software

    For acquiring values from several transmitters, also third party software is possible to use. Tested functionality is with programs:

    LabVIEW from National Instruments, by means of the free Modbus Library for LabVIEW. For viewing of actual values and graphs from Tx5xx transmitters following example of application was created in LabVIEW 8.5 : Tx5xx-Ethernet.vi

    Tested functionality with Third Party Programs :

  • Advanced Host Monitor
  • ProfiLab Expert
  • ControlWeb
  • EasyView
  • www.cacti.net