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SWR004 - optional program for data loggers Sxxxx, Rxxxx, Gxxxx and Commeters Dxxxx

Program is designed for communication with data loggers, read out the configuration of the device and setting up the parameters.
It also allows to read out the data from the device in order to get the measured values.
For the temperature and humidity devices is possible to select one counted value (dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy).
The data can be viewed and printed as table or graph.
It it also possible to export the data to DBF or TXT files.
You can change the axis and select any time range to view or print out the data.
It is allowed to zoom the graph, modify the drawing width and the its color.
It is also possible to separate the quantities from each other and print some of them or all of them separately.

The main advantages of optional software comparing to the freeware: data logger program

data logger program
Minimum system requirements: operational system Windows 98 and newer, graphic resolution 800x600, approximately 10MB of hard disk free space, processor Pentium 166MHz minimum, minimum 32MB RAM.
Logger Programfree
Logger Program
SWR004 Logger ProgramDBL
Logger Program
Price freeware 64 EUR 105 EUR
Data download from instrument yes yes yes
Opening of record from file yes yes yes
Data export to dbf and txt formats yes yes yes
Data download with export to dbf format - yes yes
Data download with export to txt format - yes yes
Data view in table yes yes yes
Simple graph yes - -
Fully settable graph - yes yes
Print of data table and graph yes yes yes
Selection of values for print from table - yes yes
Data logger configuration yes yes yes
Erasing of data logger memory yes yes yes
Reading of data logger configuration from file yes yes yes
Communication with one logger with LAN adapter via Ethernet yes - -
Communication with more loggers with LAN adapters via Ethernet - yes yes
M2M communication with logger via modem - yes yes
Setting of folder and file for data storing - yes yes
Calculation of MKT (mean kinetic temperature) - yes yes
Autodownload - yes yes
Statistics - yes yes
Alarm visualization - yes yes
Data export to SQL database - - yes
Data download with export to SQL database - - yes
Autodownload with data export to SQL db - - yes
Viewing of data in SQL database - - yes