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SWR006 - optional software
for MS data loggers

Software is designed for communication with MS5D, MS5 loggers through serial link RS232, USB port, RS485 network, Ethernet interface or via a modem. It enables reading information on actual state and configuration of logger, modifying logger parameters, reading measured values from logger´s memory and displaying of actual values from logger´s inputs. It is possible to view and print out recorded values in numerical and graphical formats.

Other features:

In "Display" mode it is possible to display actual values from inputs and actual alarm states (similar with display located on logger). Software enables to protect access to some actions (clearing logger memory, configuration etc.) by password. Automatic data reading from logger to PC in preprogrammed intervals is also possible.


Minimum system requirements:

Operational system Windows 98 and newer, graphic resolution 800x600, approximately 10MB of hard disk free space, processor Pentium 166MHz minimum, minimum 32MB RAM.


processor 1GHz minimum, RAM 128MB minimum

Program for data acquisition system

Program for data acquisition system

Program for data acquisition system

Program for data acquisition system

Program for data acquisition system
MS Logger ProgramFree
MS Logger Program
MS Logger Program
MS Logger Program
Price freeware 124 EUR 160 EUR
Data download from data logger yes yes yes
Opening of record from file yes yes yes
Data export to dbf and xls formats yes yes yes
Data download with export to dbf format - yes yes
Data view in table yes yes yes
Fully settable graph - yes yes
Export of graph to pdf format - yes yes
Print of data table yes yes yes
Print of graph - yes yes
Selection of values for print from table - yes yes
Event logging/event viewing yes yes yes
Data logger configuration yes yes yes
Erasing of data logger memory yes yes yes
Invalidation of logger audio alarm indication yes yes yes
Reading of data logger configuration from file yes yes yes
Statistics yes yes yes
Setting of folder and file for data storing - yes yes
Alarm warnings in online Display mode - yes yes
Program security - users and passwords - yes yes
Autodownload - yes yes
Data export to SQL database - - yes
Data download with export to SQL database - - yes
Autodownload with data export to SQL dbase - - yes
Viewing of data in SQL database - - yes